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Information Technology companies in Singapore

Looking for direct contacts in the information technology industry based in Singapore? Global Database has 4,584 records for organisations and key personnel working in IT within the region, all including direct contact details and a range of valuable facts and statistics to give you a deep understanding of each company and their needs.


Company name Revenue Age Employees Industry Email & Phone number
AERO-GREEN TECHNOLOGY (S) PTE LTD - 13 24 Agriculture +65679******, enqu*****
eFeedLink - 13 23 Agriculture 65674*****, fee*****
JOHN DEERE ASIA (SINGAPORE) PRIVATE LIMITED - 24 5 Agriculture +65687******
HU LEE IMPEX PTE LTD - 28 20 Agriculture +65626******, ****
FIRE ARMOUR PTE. LTD. - 13 30 Automotive +65626******, firea*****
JOHN CRANE SINGAPORE PTE LTD - 13 60 Automotive +6518*****, peixin.*****
RO-QUIP ASIA PACIFIC - 30 5 Automotive +65673******, apacrecrui*****
Accenture - - 419794 Automotive +656221*******
KIM ENG SENG MACHINERY PTE. LTD. - 13 - Automotive +65626******, en*****
ENOVA TECHNOLOGIES PTE. LTD. - 22 5 Automotive +65628******, cont*****
JUNG ASIA PTE LTD - 13 7 Automotive +65628******, ****
DEUTZ ASIA-PACIFIC (PTE.) LTD. - 14 - Automotive +65626******, ***
KPIT - - 13615 Automotive -
KONE PTE LTD - 13 200 Automotive 6424****
NASPAC MARKETING PTE LTD - 13 5 Beverages +65651******
BONCAFE INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD - 59 30 Beverages +65677******, salesen*****
FAR EAST DISTILLERS PTE LTD - 13 20 Beverages +65269******
MINDWAVE SOLUTIONS PTE. LTD. - 16 25 Business Services +65610******, co*****
EXPOTECHNIK ASIA (PTE) LTD - 13 10 Business Services +65654******, ****
PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS PTE. LTD. - 18 - Business Services +65673******, mark*****
WANGZ BUSINESS CENTRE - 28 35 Business Services +65643******, en*****
Fonda Global Engineering Pte Ltd - 27 30 Business Services +65651******, core*****
Gates Corporation - - 5929 Business Services -
Fidessa - - 1405 Business Services -
Global Sources ME - 50 3000 Business Services +65654******, se*****

In the context of current trends, it's not surprising that the IT Industry in Singapore is among the five highest paying sectors in the country. The FinTech part of the IT sector has registered special growth, providing salaries as big as S$7,500 - S$12,000 and S$8,000 - S$12,000 for FinTech developers and senior business analysts/analysts respectively. Singapore’s efforts to become a Smart Nation, driving growth and jobs across IT, seem to be very successful thus far.

Businesses looking to penetrate the IT market in Singapore will find the data offered by Global Database extremely useful. With information on 4,584 companies and key personnel working in the sector, you'll have a wealth of fresh new leads at your fingertips. 

In order to target the exact types of businesses and employees you need, our platform has a number of filter tools to narrow your search. You can then download the data and start pitching to top decision makers using the direct phone numbers and email addresses provided. 

Our Singapore HR directory also holds comprehensive overviews of all the companies held in our database, with information such as balance sheets and cash flow, profits and losses, number of staff, technologies used, group structure, website traffic, and employee details including name, age, nationality, job role and level.

Regardless of whether you're looking for new leads, researching the market, performing due diligence checks or cleansing your current data, the Global Database Singapore HR database is an invaluable resource.

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