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Sales & Marketing Platform

Generate more qualified leads and get more conversions

Identify the ideal business partners

Use All the Available Information

Never stop developing

Apply advanced filters and get your prospects’ list right away

Know your prospects, customers and competitors to run the most efficient campaigns

More loyal customers, more sales. Choose quality to grow your business exponentially

Global Database will help you grow your sales team’s efficiency. Think big. Look for expansion opportunities globally. Because now you can.

Updates alerts

Easily perform your target market analysis. Global Database Sales & Marketing allows you to set customized alerts, giving you the chance to leisurely follow the changes on the market and get notifications every time a change that is important to you takes action.


Structured data

Once you’ve determined the criteria describing your perfect targets, just apply Global Database advanced filtering systems, click ‘View Results’, and there you have it - a list of prospects ready to be contacted.


Valuable choices

Define and select the prospects that can bring real value to your company, and engage with them once they are most likely to close the deal. Global Database is the business directory offering you a wide range of segmentation tools to identify high probability prospects and the tools to help you grow your sales team efficiency.


Informed decisions

Build exhaustive profiles of your customers, using the data provided by Global Database, to bring your marketing campaigns to the next level and define sales-ready leads right away.


Personalized approach

Global Database Sales & Marketing provides you with direct contacts of your targets’ key decision-makers, along with other relevant information about them (e.g. date of birth, nationality and more). Enjoy the efficiency of account-based marketing, and help your targets appreciate the touch of personal in a business world.


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