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How is the Global Database data collected and what’s in it for you?

The number one priority for every business data supplier is to provide high-quality and up-to-date information. Business is a sphere of big budgets and high risks, and it’s absolutely necessary to minimize them as much as possible. This can be achieved only through the strictest control of the data quality.

So what's wrong with inaccurate data?

Business intelligence is used in every aspect of business, from Business Development and Sales to HR. So you can imagine how a company can be harmed if at least one of these business spheres lacks correct information and its strategy is based on wrong numbers or facts.

Sales & Marketing

Wrong or outdated contacts can harm not only your sales or marketing campaign, but your brand as a whole, if you end up targeting the wrong people by mistake and they then start sharing their experience all over the internet. This is the quickest way to lose existing clients and brand reputation essential for acquiring new ones. According to Huffington Post, 67% of customers say their bad experience is the reason for churn.  

You’ll lose time, fighting the negative feedback and restoring your brand’s reputation instead of further developing your business.

These kinds of stories easily become viral. Every businessperson or marketer with at least minor experience knows that people are much more likely to share their bad experiences than the good ones.

Don’t forget about one important detail: even the slightest misunderstanding can be interpreted as a bad experience by a more sensitive person. Those who have very high requirements for the content they get or offers they receive, be that due to the reason they’re too busy to spend their time on something irrelevant (as always happens with key decision makers) or their personal principles, will perceive you wrongly targeting them in the same way.

At Global Database we realise the importance of accurate contacts to fuel your pipeline. This is why we created an in-house technology to mine the most relevant work emails of company employees. We also have an in-house data collection team, handpicking each and every contact from the open sources, humanly verifying and constantly updating them one by one.

Due Diligence

What if you were considering a serious partnership with a company, that happened to be on the verge of bankruptcy after you’ve already signed the last contracts? What if you outsource a part of your work to a company whose financial indicators demonstrate its inability to take on a large amount of work and manage it correctly? Impossible? Unfortunately possible, if you rely on out-of-date company financial data.

Global Database constantly refreshes the data in its datasets for each country and industry. We get our company financial data from the most reliable sources such as government agencies. Our platform can provide an overall financial portrait of each company you’re interested in using our high-quality and detailed data. What’s more, by applying a range of filters to our vast database you can perform your due diligence correctly and make informed decisions.

Business Development

By and large, successful business development is mostly a matter of good due diligence. This is particularly true when it comes to a foreign market due diligence - it’s important to learn as much as possible about your competition in that market:

  • The number of competitors: to correctly assess your own possibilities and whether the market is saturated.

  • Their financial state: to be prepared for a potential acquisition of your competitors or crowding them out of the market.

  • Turnover they have: to know who the major competitors are in the field and how big your business niche on that market could be.

  • Net profit they get: to get an idea of how profitable a business in this particular market can be.

  • Technologies they use: to build something more modern and efficient, beating them in the high-tech and marketing field.

Global Database provides its subscribers with detailed information on all of these points. Our tools, reliable partnerships and the in-house data collection team allow us to provide actual financial and technological info about most companies in most countries, including Singapore.  

Remember: when evaluating the market according to these criteria, take into consideration the national specifics each country has for doing business.


Modern HR specialists converge in the opinion that one of the best ways to hire someone who is a perfect fit for the position is to headhunt him/her from his/her current job. You just need to find a company and a position that coincide as much as possible with the position and company you’re working for. When your information about the company or employee’s profile is outdated you miss the chance to find the right person.

Employee information is one of the biggest advantages of the Global Database platform. It’s enriched by in-depth details due to the multiple sources from which this stack of data is replenished. They complement each other thus ensuring the data quality, accuracy and relevance.

Government agencies provide the platform with the following employee data: seniority; date of birth; country of residence; nationality; gender; first and last name; employment.

In-House Data Collection Team and the Web Crawling through the Public Available Data contribute with the job title; seniority level; work email and phone; country of residence; phone and first and last lame.


How is the Global Database data collected?

Global Database carefully aggregates company data, necessary for allowing your business to reach new levels. We don’t rely on a single data source and constantly enrich our database from the most reliable of those available.

Government Agencies

This is the biggest source of the vast financial information we provide.

  • Learning about a company’s debts and mortgages you can soberly assess the possibility of acquiring it.

  • Financial history and company’s profit and loss data are very valuable when it comes to the prediction of the partnership perspectives.

Company and employee information provided by government agencies is a great help for the business development and HR accurate due diligence.


In-House Application

The advanced technology created by the Global Database development team provides access to the most valuable and rarely accessible data - credit information, including suggested credit limit and credit score.

This application is also an additional source for collecting and verifying the work emails of company employees, so you can be sure you’re contacting the correct key decision maker during your campaign.

The report from Experian has shown a drastic number of 90% of companies having errors in their contact data. Our technology is here to prevent you from wasting time and money on the outdated contacts.


In-House Data Collection Team

Even the most modern technology can’t fully replace human verification and the quality that comes with handpicked data. That’s why Global Database has 100+ people in our in-house data collection team, specializing in the daily collection, organization and validation of different datasets. You’ll get notifications on the updates of the datasets you’re interested in, allowing you to constantly add new leads to your sales funnel.


Partnership with Data Providers

We select only the most reliable data providers in order to ensure our users get access to the most accurate data to fuel their business activities.

Along with the company and employees information, complemented by the other data sources, data providers give the business one of the most valuable insights - the digital ones.

  • You can learn everything about the technologies your competitors are using and ensure you’re ahead of the curve, being prepared in advance and having a good IT and marketing team.

  • Your marketers will be grateful for the traffic and keywords data of the targeted companies, that will help to develop a personalized approach for each of them.


Public Available Data

You’d probably be surprised to learn how much data is actually publicly available. The biggest obstacle here though is that the data is unevenly scattered all over the internet and is quite hard to aggregate in one place according to certain criteria. It could potentially take weeks or even months to manually search.

The web crawling technology in our platform seriously contributes to the information’s diversity and completeness, saving you a huge amount of time and resources. Whatever any other source lacks is supplemented by crawling the public available data.


Final thoughts:

It’s hard to imagine modern business without data. This is the basis of any business activity, be it entering a new market, marketing, sales, business partnerships, and mergers or acquisitions of companies. The quality of the data that you have is essential for several reasons: your reputation, the formation of demand for your goods and services, your development potential and your profit.

We understand that the most complete data can be obtained only from several mutually complementary sources. Therefore, we try to maximize the range of sources of information for our business intelligence platform. Moreover, any data needs to be carefully checked. To this end, we have developed a special technology that works simultaneously with a team of specialists who are constantly engaged in verification and manual data collection.


To see the Global Database platform in action and learn how it can boost your business growth, visit us at